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Features of the Tool
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Use the Colour Tiles Tool to represent numbers, ratios and percents. Explore patterns and measurement. Create geometric designs. Users can change colours, shapes, create mirror images, rotate, and clone selections. Three shapes are available: squares, circles, and rounded squares. Three sets of colours combine to give almost 100 choices. Use the underlying grid, with or without number labels, to help position and count tiles.

Take a screenshot of your work to share with your teacher or add to a portfolio.
You can access a wide variety of Annotation tools using the Button_Annotation.png button to communicate your thinking.
You can insert pictures into the Tool using theimportPicture.PNGbutton.





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Model Operations

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Linear Growing Patterns
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AB Pattern

Tables and Chairs

Measurement and Geometry

Symmetry and Transformations

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Creating Nets. These could be printed out and constructed.


The Beading set of tiles grew out of the "Connecting Indigenous and Western Mathematical Ways of Knowing" research project that Dr. Ruth Beatty, Lakehead University, and Danielle Blair, Provincial Math Lead, have been doing in partnership with select First Nations, M├ętis, Inuit communities and Ontario school boards. Students can use the tool to design their loom bead work and engage in mathematical discourse around pattern, number, symmetry and transformations.

An Eganville District PS student using v1.0 of Colour Tiles as part of loom bead study
An Eganville District PS student using v1.0 of Colour Tiles as part of loom bead study


Features of the Tool

Colour Tiles now opens with a choice of three sets of tiles.
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Annotation Tool

Hide/Show a wide variety of Annotation Tools which can be used to communicate your thinking.


Insert Image Button

You can insert images into the tool. More details.



Step backward or forward through your actions with the tool.
This feature is not only useful for backtracking when a misstep is made, it enables a student to demonstrate their work from the start to the finish. They press Undo until they are at the start of their solution and then press Redo repeatedly, explaining each step.


Delete all your work and return the tool to its starting state.


Opens a dialog with a link to this wiki, a feedback form as well as copyright details and version number.

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Shows the settings dialog
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Changes to tile shape and roundedness can either be applied only to the cloner tiles in the selection panel or also to the tiles in the workspace.


(in the work space)
Click to clear selected tiles. If nothing is selected, the entire work space will be cleared.
Alternatively, drag items to the recycle bin to remove them.

Tile Size

Increase / decrease tile size.

Change Selected Tiles

Show the moveable Change Selected dialog to change the colour or shape of selected tiles.

Extend Selection

All tiles that have the same colour as the currently selected ones are added to the selection. If no tiles are selected, all tiles become selected.

Tile Count

Show the moveable dialog with a count of each colour of tile.

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Other Functionality


Multiple Select

Draw a marquee rectangle around a tile, or group of tiles to select it. Hold down the SHIFT key to add to the previous selection.
If tiles overlap, only the tile at the top will be selected (unless you hold down the ALT key).

Click a tile to add to or remove from selection.

Selected tiles can be moved, copied, rotated, reflected vertically or horizontally, or recycled as a group.

The grey button at the top right will compact these controls into a moveable dialog.


Simply close the Controls dialog to bring the controls back around the selection. The controls are only visible when tiles are selected.

Click on a cloner tile
in the selection panel
to change its colour
(Beading and Multi only).

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Features of the Updates Videos

View a movie about the new features in v1.1
(Opening Dialog, new shapes and colours, new Change Selected dialog, new Settings dialog, new Extend Selection by Colour button, new Count dialog, changing cloner tile colour, and top layer selection).

Not working? Try mp4 format

View a movie about the new features in v.1.1.1
(Changes in v1.1 brought to mobile, changes and performance improvements to undo/redo, compact Controls dialog, and multiplier keyboard shortcuts).

Not working? Try mp4 format


Keyboard Shortcuts

On the desktop version of this tool, all of the standard Keyboard Shortcuts have been implemented as well as the special movement, rotation and reflection keyboard shortcuts.

To change the multiplier use 1, 2, 5, 0 (for 10), SHIFT+0 (for 100).
CTRL/SPACE + 1 through CTRL/SPACE + 6 adds a tile matching cloner 1 through 6.
CTRL/SPACE + SHIFT + 1 through CTRL/SPACE + SHIFT + 6 changes the selected tiles to the colour of cloner 1 through 6.
CTRL/SPACE + ALT + 1 through CTRL/SPACE + ALT + 3 changes the selected tiles to squares, circles and rounded squares, respectively.
CTRL/SPACE + E extends selection to match the selected colours (just like the button).
C shows/hides the compact controls.


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