Knowledgehook is a web service with an Ontario Math bent that currently has free logins.
It is not Ministry-licensed nor Ministry-sanctioned, but it allows for a promising method to consolidate work with digital tools.

Getting Started

  1. Go to and click Get Started.
  2. Click Create Your Free Account.
  3. Complete the registration information.
  4. Click Add Class.
  5. Choose GameShow FREE! as the class type.
  6. Complete the information.
  7. There are video tutorials available.

Creating a GameShow to share screenshots

  1. From the Classes' menu (three bars), choose Go!
  2. Click Create Custom GameShow.
  3. Supply a Name for the GameShow and click Create.
  4. Click Public for Sharing Settings, if you don't want to set up classes and logins.
  5. Add a Description and click Create New Question.
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Delete all but the correct answer.
  8. Type a New Question like "Share your screenshot".
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click View GameShow at the bottom right.

Playing a GameShow

  1. Click Play on the screen from step 10 or from the teacher GameShow screen's Custom tab.
  2. Set the Settings similar to the image below - make sure Enable Upload Solution is Yes and notice that Require Student Accounts can be No (if Advanced Settings are expanded).
  3. Click Open Waiting Room.
  4. The steps for a student to join are displayed and you can see who has joined.
  5. Students use and Game PIN to join (see Student Instructions below). They will be able to join as a guest if Require Student Accounts is No.
  6. Press Start Game to see the next screen once you see enough students have joined. Students can join after you press the button as well.

Student Instructions

  1. Go to on your computer or mobile device.
    external image N0v4z_MqXPLDuK0Ml4k9BiqvavHz6oITAjc22OPBkwp8CKaSVgJi8lMev8jreCRlkwGY64kBoNxtiKjt8HUItWFzvWHWVH2QHZecOtXQbOgE7xGDSAFi_1avMwUHv4mf9jXQ3jh9FA
  2. Enter the Game PIN displayed on the Waiting Room Page.
    external image Cxs5o9bM9DqRBm_sdu5hQrIvm9_WYfyiaQRJvFDWySxFpZR0rqq-wHNxChI9QOv3ttKEsa9GqFfQYGwmyJAje1GhORa7clK6WZx7KKyDwSNsTlqEkp0b7QeHY9C8CHSz5ewfBqh6zQ
  3. If the GameShow does not require student accounts, you can Join as Guest.
    external image NEtCVN8fj2IK2gdRi7BO6D8-GR4Ox0TtzanNj8OOtzcFRK-uzpaEaT9sma2pv8rByqFri1IP3Y7KRGR4zjiiuut8Wr_R3fpcpsj6NklLGA7wX15IQhniMz43vHP-_vyMI65Eu9x0pQ
  4. Supply your First Name and Last Initial, Select an Avatar and click Join.
    external image M8gYjF5QUZ-pgf5OfIpvwIIzYIJ6Y9citxjsRHA70bMIfb2iceKoo28QuQTYMbhHYu2QdDD9Yhdpc7PYQbE4ABb4W5JfKab670piDOONDLOWXkwxBVcbH68r0u5zfA9gozl3ZH0l4w
  5. Once the GameShow has started, click on Correct Choice for Question 1.
  6. Under Share Your Solution, click Upload.
  7. Choose the previously saved file with the screenshot of your work.
  8. If you see a green checkmark next to Solution uploaded!, you are finished.

Teacher Consolidation

  1. There will be a large number on a folded page icon at the right which indicates how many uploads are complete.
    Do NOT click Finish Game - all the images will stop being available if you do.
  2. Once you want to start reviewing solutions click the folded page icon. More images will be added if they are submitted afterwards.
  3. The first image is displayed with arrows on the left and right to navigate from image to image.
  4. The images are anonymous, but the Reveal button can show the name of the contributor.
  5. If the image is not in the correct orientation, click Rotate.
  6. You can right-click and save any image locally.
  7. Click Finish Game when you are done with the images and responses. The game may be replayed from its fresh state.